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Of course, he'd try to get into Sango's pants, and after that time, she'd promised him if he ever tried to try it again, she'd castrate him. As she took him into her mouth for a third time he knew how much he would enjoy this. He would never tell the hag how much she meant to him though. And this girl, whatever her name may be, was giving him everything. Sesshoumaru's hard-on pressed against the tight confines of his slacks as he watched her undress for him. She came a second time, tightening and pulling on his cock when she did.

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I really love you guys for the reviews for this one!

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He was still thinking about the night before and every time he did it made his manhood twitch. Her knees gave in and she braced the wall for support. This time, during one of her afternoon jogs at the park, and she suddenly found herself against a tree, begging for one good orgasm. She normally wouldn't cover herself, but he already made it clear that he didn't want her, so why show off? In short, he was absolutely beautiful. Inuyasha sat down, trying not to doze off as he listened to the old hag explain something about a new student, and some English test that was supposed to be this week. She was tired of the constant fights, the tension in the air when they were in the same room.

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inuyasha fucks his girl
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inuyasha fucks his girl
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3 thoughts on “Inuyasha fucks his girl

  1. shame. put her in that super sexy outfit in the beginning and dont let her have any fun in it.

  2. You are in the rain to get wet, nobody is forcing her in doing anything. She's there because she wants, It's her Job. She's an adult and before the scene she reads and sign a contract, which tells everything They're about to do with her