Losing virginity before going to university

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My first sexual experience consisted of candles, Norah Jones and lots of trust. Celebrities on camera, scarily flawless teenagers onyour friends, enemies, acquaintances, hell, even your dog is getting some and all he has to do is go for a walk in the park. The completeness of my virginity was a matter of self-consciousness more than any sense of duty to moral self-preservation via sexual abstinence. It just happened that the people I was meeting out at parties or even going on dates with weren't the people that I wanted to wake up next to in the long run. Being a virgin or not isn't a big deal.

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So if it happens just go for it, if she questions you after then maybe tell her.

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How to lose your virginity in university

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losing virginity before going to university
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losing virginity before going to university
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