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I moved a litter box to the area, thinking maybe he felt safer in this area and preferred this place I have two dogs that go down into the basement from time to time, but are typically restricted from going down there. Diagnosis Enuresis is most often diagnosed in children because the parents express concern to the child's doctor. The goal of the treatment is to resolve the underlying stressful event that has caused a relapse into bed-wetting. Finally, the behavior cannot be caused exclusively by a medical condition or as a side effect of medication. Others will not go in a box which has been used by another cat.

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We went through a phase with one of our cats where I changed litter suddenly and then he wouldn't go back to the box even after switching back to the original litter.

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Inappropriate Elimination (Urination, Defecation, Spraying) in Cats

Miscellaneous includes legislation and other issues. Check out the most popular related products. Unlike involuntary enuresis, voluntary enuresis is not common. There is a product called 'Feliway' which was designed to help reduce anxiety in cats, and thus may decrease spraying or urinating inappropriately. Do not clean the box with a strong smelling disinfectant, but rinse the box well after washing it. Some cats are very particular.

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