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Mo'Nique confronted Larissa about her actions. This with high definition images. Mo'Nique also told all the girls that if they did hide the pictures, and she eliminated the wrong person, "Karma comes back around. Another team would get to join them so they chose Schatar and Darra. No one let her help since they were almost finished, so she was left to make grilled cheese sandwiches by herself. She argues with Saaphyri and Becky.

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When Jennifer role-played Shay, everyone laughed as well.

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Mo'Nique and the other Judges, watching this from a monitor, are appalled at what Brooke is doing. In the second round Larissa was to ask the questions and Shay is to rebut. Found a good job for be patient with my huge belly swaying beneath her, and five months at Pensacola Federal Prison. At the elimination, Leilene and Darra were called out for their weakness, but Thela was ultimately eliminated. Larissa then gets into an argument with Mo'Nique and Mo's security and Larissa's mother walk onto the stage, unhappy with the way Mo'Nique is talking to Larissa. This meeting is damaging to Thela because she says that when she gets angry, she "cannot see".

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